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archive of visual and oral narratives

Scary Stories is a growing archive of oral and visual narratives recorded and edited by artist Tatiana Istomina. The project's participants are invited to share stories about anything scary in their own lives or the life of their community, and to draw in response to the stories of others. The stories and drawings are then transformed by Istomina into short films which may be watched online. She collects materials for the project at various locations in the United States, creating a record of individual and collective anxieties in today's America.

Recent Event:

Scary Stories at Press Street, New Orleans, LA
recording sessions: March 14 - 24, 2016

Press Street was formed in 2005 with a mission to promote art and literature in New Orleans through events, publications and arts education. Since after Katrina, it helps to develop a symbiotic relationship between small businesses, non-profits and artists in the city’s rebuilding.

Scary Stories Project was invited for a residency at Press Street, from March 11th through the 25th. I look forward to meeting anyone interested in sharing their stories or in drawing while listening to the stories told by other participants.
My interview schedule may be seen here.
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Tatiana Istomina is an artist
and writer based in New York City.
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The power of gravity
New York City, November 2016


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